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Writing Heals Wounded Hearts

December 22nd, 2009 — 6:29am

After my mother died, writing is what scooped me up from the underbelly of despair. I began writing about my feelings of pain and confusion of losing someone so close to me. The feeling of helplessness and loss was overwhelming at times. I felt alone in the world, despite family and friends. My large Italian family was a comfort and they were there for me, but I still felt so abandoned and alone. I still do sometimes.
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Introduction To Astrology

December 8th, 2009 — 10:44am

Is your destiny really written in the stars? Is it true that the planetary alignments on the day you were born influence you throughout your lifetime? This is a great debate that some say is true and others claim it is just hocus pocus. Personally, I do believe in astrology. It has amazed me throughout my life some of the wonderful truths and guidance’s that I have received from astrological readings. Although a personalized reading will give much more insight than a “general” reading, at some points in your life, general reading will be right on the money. Astrological readings should never be discarded as mere myth. Continue reading »

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