Benefits of Integrated Programming

A well-designed program can save companies money in workers compensation costs by reducing lost time claims due to cumulative trauma disorders and improved health status. Statistics show that companies with a comprehensive approach to wellness have the most return on their wellness dollar. K.R. Pelletier demonstrated in a recent review that 24 studies conducted from 1980 to 1991 and 24 studies from 1991 to 1993 indicated positive health benefits, as well as cost benefits.

2 Not only do the numbers support the benefits of on-site physical therapy and wellness, but the results indicate that physical therapy is practical and logical.

One of the main problems occupational-related injuries pose is the lag time between when an injured employee is treated by the physician and when he or she is referred for therapy.

Even in the best scenario, if the time between treatment and physical therapy is minimized, the time the patient can receive for treatment is limited by insurance.

Therefore, it is possible for individuals to return to work not fully able to function on the job, increasing their likelihood for re-injury.

Home exercise programs are of limited success, as compliance rates for exercise are low. Many patients can benefit from ongoing monitoring and support from physical therapists and exercise physiologists. The therapist, in conjunction with the exercise physiologist, can work with the employee from time of referral and on an ongoing basis to return the employee to work in the best physical condition to perform his/her job.

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