Helping Clients Cope with Food. Part 2

Being blessed with an abundant food supply is another nutrition challenge. Supermarkets, specialty stores, restaurants and vending machines abound; we’re never very far from an opportunity to snack. To stay healthy, we must learn how to eat defensively and develop habits that help us sustain a healthful diet.

Nutrition advice

People often change their eating habits for the same reasons they exercise: to prevent or treat a chronic illness, and to look and feel good. Many fitness centers have responded to this need and have teamed up with nutrition experts to offer classes or workshops on nutrition. Popular topics include how to eat a balanced and low-fat diet, eating on the run and tips for weight control. Some fitness centers even offer low-fat cooking classes — a great way to help members develop skills for planning and preparing quick and easy meals.

Club members often approach fitness instructors and personal trainers for nutrition advice. This month’s column presents some factors to consider when talking to clients about dietary concerns, especially that most common question: How can I eat well when I have no time?

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