Helping Clients Cope with Food. Part 5

Keep it simple

Fitness professionals are now advised to keep exercise advice as simple as possible (at least in the beginning). Similarly, simple nutrition advice appears most likely to be incorporated into a client’s lifestyle. Remember, a few simple tips that are actually followed do more good than a comprehensive plan that is so complicated your clients don’t know how to begin.

Many clients feel hassled by food and eating. They have been overwhelmed with dietary advice — advice that is often contradictory. If you give dietary advice to members, remember that your primary goal is to help them feel empowered to make good food choices in their daily lives, not to add to their feelings of stress.

Organization is the key to simplicity, yet many people have a resistance to organization in their daily lives. After being organized all day at work, many clients seem to find it unfair that they must also organize their meals, shopping trips and kitchens. This organization may be a difficult hurdle for some people. Encourage such clients to reorganize in small steps. For example, many people find a weekly dinner schedule a stress-reliever: Monday, pasta; Tuesday, take-out rotisserie chicken; Wednesday, stir-fry veggies; and so forth. Often it is the need to make decisions that provokes stress, such as worrying about where and when to shop, or what to prepare for dinner that night. Making healthy eating a habit takes away the decisions and the stress.

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