Integrating Yoga Part Three

If you have reached a plateau where you are beginning to wonder how to expand your practice of yoga or how to get to the next level, this article will give you definite positive suggestions and solutions.

By now you’ve seen the video, studied the various yoga postures on, you can do the Full Wheel posture instead of the Half Wheel, next on your agenda is perfecting the Scorpion pose or increasing your practice.

Congratulations you are now a full-fledged intermediate to advanced yoga practitioner! Otherwise known as a Yogi in traditional practices and circles. But what you may not have known in the beginning is that there’s still much more to learn and more benefits to gain. At the start you may have had different motivations and reasons to practice yoga. What you didn’t know but should have learned by now is that it begins as gentle healing exercise for mind, body and spirit, but quickly spreads, improving everyday situations and life. You may have even reached a plateau where you are beginning to wonder how to expand your practice of yoga or how to get to the next level. This article will give you definite positive suggestions and solutions!

Besides the healthful and rejuvenating benefits of practicing yoga, there are also many beneficial lessons and stepping stones that actually increase your awareness and state of well being. While you were learning the intricate poses you had to use your mind to overcome your body, you had to learn patience; you began to realize that you had the ability to control your body, health, breath and thoughts. You may have even discovered ways to sharpen these skills but never had the opportunity to until you began to practice yoga. The benefits are almost countless! With all of these things happening to you, your confidence level increases, your state of mind is clear and more positive and you may even discover that your creative abilities and sense of humor are also skyrocketing too! Many practitioners of yoga are well-known artists, musicians and even actors! To continue to advance, it is essential to start integrating these valuable lessons and new energies into your everyday life and situations. You may find that life becomes more joyful, balanced, humorous and creative! Of course being fit, healthy and balanced from the yoga definitely helps, and by now you should be able to see why yoga opens the doors to the adventure that life truly can be!

It is very much like reorganizing your kitchen or office. Suddenly it’s easier to find things that you need; cooking becomes easier and meals are better, the energy is flowing and continues to increase in miraculous and wonderful ways. You are very much on the way to bigger and better things in life. Thoughts of how you may heal the world or people in your community may flow into your consciousness at this point.

There is a famous Buddhist Monk named Thicht Nyat Hanh, and the honorable Dalai Lama himself has been quoted as saying that everything becomes a meditation. What they probably mean is that as your practices increase so do your mental, physical and spiritual abilities.

They also mean that as in meditation, your awareness and intelligence become very focused, elevated and sharp. Realizations and clear thinking abilities will come to you and improve your life.

This is a direct result of purifying your mind and body with yoga, along with a balanced diet, positive thinking and of course consulting! With these increased abilities it is only natural that you will be able to accomplish wonderful feats and incredible acts of kindness and healing in the world. It is only natural, and the next step in the journey of life and yoga!

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