Medications: The Other Side of the Story

Medications: The Other Side of the Story — These days, just about every adult is taking some form of medication. For this reason, it is very important to understand that when you begin taking any type of medication, there is always a possibility that you may suffer from side effects. Even though there are a lot of non-prescription drugs available that we think are harmless, do not make the mistake of thinking that nothing can happen because we react to chemicals differently under different circumstances. This is particularly the case when we experience hormonal changes.

You may find it humorous that the side of effects attributed to some medications are exactly the symptoms that the drugs are meant to eradicate! I refer to this as a ‘drugged oxymoron’. Some medications can take your headaches away, but they list headaches as a potential side effect. Doesn’t it seem like the drug would be totally useless? Let’s say you have gas, and one of the side effects of the medication is gas, then are you really treating your problem or are you just wasting your money?

Look closely at the list of side effects on certain medications, and you’ll find that they can sometimes be fatal. Read all labels closely, and if you need any clarification, don’t hesitate to ask your physician. There are a number of drugs that may have an extensive list of side effects that seem bothersome, but most of the time they are rare and most people will never have any of these side effects. Knowing about the most common side effects, your doctor will be able to tell you what to expect. There are times when you will think it is better not to take the medication because the side effects are not worth it, but there are certain times that the drug is very important and no matter what the side effects are, you will just have to work around them. No matter what the situation is, it is always best to know what to expect prior to taking something.

Please be aware that some side effects can endanger your health. Pay close attention to how you’re feeling, and if you suspect that things are out of control, contact your doctor immediately. Sometimes dangerous side effects can have deadly results, so do not take them lightly. It is a good idea to know that a lot of drugs can interact with one another, so at different times, without knowing it, you may be consuming a deadly mix of medicines. Inform your doctor of any side effect, large or small, normal or out of the ordinary, because it could mean the difference between taking the right medication and developing and even bigger problem.

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