Steve’s Journal: Week Nine. Part 1

Dear Sharon and Armand,
I am submitting my diary today feeling pretty good. Not only did I have my best week yet — both in food and exercise — but I crossed the 240-pound barrier, weighing in at 238. Yes, I’m still fat, but 17 pounds less fat and feeling good.

Now, here’s the secret. This week, my wife convinced me to have the floors refinished on the first floor of the house. That includes the kitchen, so my grazing pasture was closed down with stain and lacquer all week.

Anyway, I worked out five times this week, all the same way in duration. I did 30 minutes treadmill, 50 sit-ups and 25 bench presses. (My back is feeling good again!) I know I need to try different exercise regimens. I will progress to that level next.


Sharon’s Reply
Nice job! This does look like your best week yet with food. Your only evening snack has been pretzels, your wine intake dropped to two servings rather than six to eight (a savings of 700 to 1,000 calories), and you even ate breakfast twice. (I’ll count the sausage.)

You ate eight cookies this week — your only sweet snack. I wonder if there were good homemade cookies around the house? Rather than snack on the cookies, you ate them as dessert. This is a better idea, since most people eat less of a sweet when they first eat a good meal.

Now, if I could only get you to follow a meal with fruit more often. You had only two fruit servings all week, and you need to have two fruit servings or more a day. You did have five servings of vegetables, but you know that needs to be increased also.

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