Steve’s Journal: Week Nine. Part 2

Another positive thing you did was to improve the fiber content of your food choices. Oatmeal, barley, salad — all contain good sources of fiber, which not helps you feel full and eat less calories, but offers heart disease protection and good digestive functioning. When you can, select whole grain breads and whole wheat cereal. Please define the type of bread and cereal you eat.

Sunday was an odd food day. You had no protein? I wonder how many calories in pretzels, cereal and cookies you consumed? What gives? Please indicate — if you can — how much of these types of food you consume.

Reflect on why this week went well. Were you under less stress? Was your time more or less restricted? Help me read between the lines.

With the kitchen out of order, you will probably be eating out more this week. Please indicate “R” for restaurant in the food diary space. Keep low-fat and high-vegetable choices in mind.


Armand’s Reply
Nice work in accomplishing five good sessions of exercise. I’m glad your back is better; but how are your knees and hips feeling? As you mentioned, I would like you to try and mix up your cardiovascular choices. Maybe try a stationary bike, elliptical stepper, or a spinning class for a fourth to half of your workouts. For instance: Monday: jog; Tuesday: spinning; Wednesday: jog; Thursday: elliptical step; Saturday; stationary bike. Since you have access to a health club, you can take advantage of the variety of equipment offered.

Also, are you stretching at the end of your workouts? Let me know. And keep it rolling!

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