The Center for Fitness. Part 2

The main feature of the club is the exercise classes, which are all complimentary with membership, and include the following, which are the most popular: Pilates and low-impact aerobics (which are the largest classes, usually attracting around 25 members) and the 14 aquatic aerobics classes. The center offers more than 50 classes a week. “Classes are a drawing card for us,” says Sears, who is still teaching at age 65.

There are no televisions in the club. Instead, cardio equipment faces out over a grassy embankment that leads down to a river. “People see rabbits, squirrels and other animals,” says Sears. “People visit with each other, and some people read. I’ve had a couple of people ask me if we were going to get TVs, and I said no:No way.”

For the past six years, the local fire department has been training at the club. “They drive the fire trucks right up, so you see the trucks and the EMT rescue vehicles parked in theparking lot,” says Sears. “They keep their beepers on, so if they get a call, they can get in their gear and leave from here. You can do that in a small town.”

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