Tips to Advancement

Though it’s impossible to speed up one’s advancement in the study of Tai Chi, there are several tips in practicing the correct way. The rest is up to the practitioner’s will.

Be humble. A practitioner who thinks he or she is a total dummy will more likely to advance well the correct way. Humble, non-targeted repetition is the key to advancement. Don’t push yourself, don’t make promises to anybody, including yourself. You’ll be a chi master when the time comes, when the right time comes. It’s beyond control for now.

Be as relaxed as possible. Slow down that engine. Mind pacers should learn to take things not so seriously. Tai Chi shouldn’t be taken “seriously.” It’s a part of you and you wouldn’t want to stiffly concentrate its existence. The practice, however, should be considered as a way of life. Life should flow like the water in the river. Nobody wants to be a rock anyway.

Be connected to your surroundings. Slow, sure and consciously relaxing all the muscles, including the ones in the lungs. Imagine you’re a drop of water in the river called Universe. You flow to the ocean with it, you float in it and you’re drowned in it. You follow it not because you want to or need to, but simply because you are It.

Be true to one’s self. Practicing Tai Chi Chuan doesn’t require special equipments or dress code. By practicing in your workplace or home, you’re bringing chi into your daily. Chi shouldn’t be taken away from places you live in. Rather, it should be cultivated there.

Be the agent of harmony. It might sound utopian, but you can be the agent of your own harmony. At all cost, harmony with your own self is the key to harmony in greater senses. Take a distance with your feelings and thoughts. Try not to be overwhelmed by anything that comes into you.

Life is too short to worry and most of our worries never happen anyway. Sounds shallow? It might be.

Tai Chi doesn’t teach somebody to be deep nor philosophic. It simply takes you back to earth and see it with a new vision, a vision where harmony is everywhere.

Last but not least, may the chi be with you during your practice in the University of Life. And remember; don’t take the practice seriously. It is light and flowing. It is airy and floating.

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