Umbilical Cord Blood Can Save Lives

At one time we thought it was useless after birth. Now it’s priceless and it’s saving lives.
The blood in every umbilical cord contains stem cells — the building blocks of healthy blood. Stem cells can help children and adults who are fighting leukemia, other cancers and blood diseases. When a cancer patient searches for a donor, the stem cells are key. But finding a match can be so tough that many patients die during the wait. Umbilical cord blood could save their lives.

Parents can choose to bank the blood and use it later or save it for another patient who needs it. It’s shipped to a cryogenic bank and frozen.

Bone marrow is another source of stem cells, but cord blood is easier to collect, and you can save it immediately after the birth of your baby.

Cancer patients aren’t the only ones who stand to benefit. Scientists are also studying ways to use cord blood to save people with autoimmune problems such as rheumatoid arthritis.

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