WLS could become an easy way out. Part 1

I couldn’t sleep, and I found this website. I came across this topic of discussion, and found no one has “chatted” about this issue. This could have something to do with the fact that this surgery is just now becoming more and more popular.

I experienced this with my ex roommate. She is a very pretty girl, but I think in whole, she isn’t happy with herself. She finally decided that she wanted to have her stomach shrunk (the banding rather than stapling). I asked her some questions about her previous attempts at losing weight through programs and she simply told me that she couldn’t lose the weight no matter what. But later, and I let it slip, she told me that her family doctor would not give her the “YES, she absolutely needs this surgery for her life” because he didn’t believe she’d done what she could naturally or with some other aide. So, she went to her gynocologist. This was all so that she could get her insurance to pay. I said, then go for it – I’ll be supportive.

So, she has the operation. Boom! Total life change. After about two and a half months, she starts complaining because I could still eat the foods that she no longer could. I was VERY sensitive to her in the first few weeks. But any time I tried to offer the help that she had asked me for (i.e. sitting at the table eating WHILE reading) which is a big NO-NO so that you can concentrate on your chewing) she would get very angry with me and tell me to “shut up”.

Every person should learn basic first aid methods. You never realize when you might need them – you and your loved one might be at home, at work, on holiday, at school.

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