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2004 Presidential Leadership

Song Improv in the Car A great exercise for writers, actors and singers - and anyone with a sense of humor. Cheap drugs without a prescription If you've seen "Whose Line is it Anyway?" on television, you may have been amazed to see actors get up in front of an audience and create a song - lyrics and all - based on a suggestion by the host. "Song improv" is one of the most challenging and fun aspects of comedy improvisation. Yeah, great, but what does this have to do with you? You aren't a comedian, and you can't sing! Well, you don't need Drew Carey in the car with you to have fun with song improv. Practicing Song Improv in the Car can be a really great way to unleash your creativity while entertaining yourself during drive time. I recommend you try this first when you are driving alone...then if you are comfortable, invite an open-minded, fun friend to try it with you! The beauty of Song Improv in the Car is that you don't have to impress anyone. You're just having fun and allowing your mind to express itself without censoring. Easy Song Improv: The easiest way to do Song Improv in the Car is by turning on the radio and singing along with your favorite songs. Heck, I'll bet you don't know the words anyway! So instead of singing "Lalalala" you just make up entirely new lyrics! For example, if "Dancing Queen" by ABBA comes on the radio, you might sing instead: You can spell....you can spell elllll Making the words come out right Oooooh, take a chance, win that lance You're in the SPELLING BEE Buy prescriptions drugs online Ooooh waaaahhhhh etc etc. OK, that's pretty silly, but that's the point! (And yes, I just made that up on the spot, even though I got stuck and the best thing I could think of to rhyme with dance was "lance" - oh well!) Once you try this, you'll soon find yourself making up lyrics to every song you sing along with on the radio! Challenging Song Improv: Turn off the radio, give yourself a topic and a musical style, and sing a capella. If you're realllly ambitious, get a tape of jazz background music to accompany you! Buy prescriptions medication online.